Our projects

Regenerative Livestock-

Sustainable grassland management

Restoration of soil fertility, increased carbon storage and increased water retention through intensive rotational grazing.

Carbon-friendly farming

No. of hectares: 7000 ha to be calculated

emission reduction:  -15.25 tCO2 / ha

Regenerative livestock management

Resilience of coastal island systems Mangrove conservation and restoration

Solutions such as mangrove conservation and reforestation mitigate and protect the coast from water entering the villages, maintaining the area’s fish population and preventing marine erosion


N. of hectares: 173 ha

CO2 emission reduction: tbc

Regenerative agriculture

Our Experience

Landfill management for electricity production

3 large-scale waste-to-energy projects in the municipalities of Balikesır, Harmandalı and Uşak in Turkey obtained VCUS Verified Carbon Units with the VCS Verra Standard. Sectoral scope: methane waste recovery (LFG), mechanical separation or waste and Biogas production.


N. of projects: 3

Carbon Standard: VCS – Verra

Sectoral scope: Waste


Which standards do we work with?

Carbon standards are methodlogies for the calculations of GHG emission reduction andremovals. The team of CL+ has a profound knowledge with the most recognisable carbon methodologies.

We work with methodologies of Verra, MDL, CDM ISO 14064-1,14064-2,14065, and 17029, and the colombian standards COLCX, Cercarbono, BioClima and ICONTEC Standards

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