Project Development

Regenerative Livestock-

Sustainable grassland management

Together with our local partner Sosty, we support the certification of their regenerative practices of livestock rotation and implementation of improved pastures in Colombia under Verra for their carbon-positive livestock farming!

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No. of hectares: 15 000

emission reduction:  -25 000 tCO2e / ha

Regenerative livestock management


Resilience of coastal island systems Mangrove conservation and restoration

Climate finance through biodiversity credits for active restoration and conservation of mangroves and local scientific tourism.

N. of hectares: 173 ha

Biodiversity credits: tbc

Mangrove restoration

Consulting services Provided

Feasibility Study for Biochar Credits from MSW and RDF

A pioneering company in the United Kingdom sought to account for carbon removals from the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste and refuse-derived fuel in the UK. The waste is upgraded to produce valuable products: biochar, syngas, oil and electricity.


Emission reduction: 9 000 tCO2e

Carbon Standard: ISO 14064-2 and EBC (expected)

Sectoral scope: 13. Waste


Assist with carbon accounting of landfill management for methane capture and green power production

3 large-scale waste-to-energy projects in the municipalities of Balikesır, Harmandalı and Uşak in Turkey obtained VCUS Verified Carbon Units with the VCS Verra Standard. Sectoral scope: methane waste recovery (LFG), mechanical separation or waste and Biogas production.

N. of projects: 3

Carbon Standard: VCS – Verra (expected)

Sectoral scope: 13. Waste


Which standards do we work with?

Carbon standards are methodologies for calculating GHG emission reductions and removals. The CL+ team has in-depth knowledge of the most recognized carbon methodologies.

We are able to work with methodologies of Verra, BioCarbon Registry (BCR), CDM, ISO 14064-1, 14064-2,  and colombian standards such COLCX.

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